Storing boats in self-storage units

It may be necessary to keep your boat in storage during the winter when you’re not using it visit this link. If you live somewhere cold, it may be best to keep your boat inside a unit for storage to avoid weather damage.

Even though you will be storing your vehicle in a safe self storage facility, the winterizing process will still be necessary. Winterizing is a good idea in case the temperatures drop below freezing. The fuel will have to be drained from the system, and anti-freeze added. In a hot climate you may not require antifreeze but still flush the cooling system. For more details, consult your vehicle manual. Moisture can damage boat upholstery and lead to mold growth when the boat has been stored. Damp-Rid-It can be found in many home improvement or hardware stores. Cover your boat completely to keep out moisture.

It is possible to avoid the mildewy smell that accompanies most stored boats as they are first brought out in the spring or summer. Use baking soda to absorb smells and moisture. Be sure to place several boxes on the boat, and open them all before you depart. You can buy desiccate bags at most marinas. They will also work. Desiccate can cause your eyes to sting when exposed. The desiccate bags also help to drive away rodents, bugs and other insects that may damage the boat if you don’t use it.

Store your boat inside a storage unit. This is more secure than storing it outside. If you choose to store your beloved toy outside, you’ll have to worry about vandalism, theft and freezing. Indoor self-storage units can be used as garages to store your boat over the winter. You can store your boat in a self-storage unit indoors to protect it during the winter.