Types Of Rug And Carpet Cleaning For Different Types Of Floor Coverings

The appearance of any house or structure can be improved by adding certain elements steam star carpet cleaning. This applies not only to guests or visitors, but the owners as well. In terms of the various materials and accessories for decorating and beautifying a home, carpets and area rugs come in first. In order to cover the floor with carpets, thick woven textiles as well as animal skins can be used. Carpets can cover the entire surface of the floor. Rugs, however, are much smaller. While a high quality designer rug or floor covering can add a touch of elegance to a room’s decor, it is difficult to maintain them.

In any given room, the floors are usually used most. This is because the higher the footfall, the greater the chance of the floor coverings becoming untidy. As well as the normal dust and grime that can accumulate on your floor coverings over time, you may also find sudden spills such as tea, coffee or food products. The floor coverings may not be as durable if you use the regular home cleaning method.

What professional carpet and rug cleansing procedures are there?

The types of carpets, rugs and cleaning methods used vary. The cleaning techniques vary also from company-to-company, though some types of basic methods are followed by most companies.

Cleaning with hot-water extraction

Rug or carpet shampooing


Bonnets cleaning, dry cleaning, and so on

In this case, the hot water extraction method or steam cleaning is performed under high pressure. During this procedure, hot water will agitate and dissolve the rug or carpet fibres as well. When carpets are heavily soiled, the shampooing method has been used until Encapsulation Technology came on to the scene. The encapsulation method uses a synthetic detergent as a foundation, and it will become powder after drying. Dust particles can be captured in powder form and then vacuumed out or brushed. When using bonnets, the surface of rugs or carpets are cleaned with a powerful motorized machine. The use of this type in hotels is for an immediate fix. This is the newest form of cleaning process for rugs in Redlands. It is important to know the kind of rugs used in your home and discuss with your professional cleaners which one will best meet your cleaning requirements.
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