What are the 8 signs of substance abuse?

Addiction can be defined as a condition that develops when someone abuses drugs and alcohol until their body is totally dependent renew wellness recovery. While addiction can often be treated, it is important to note that the consequences of prolonged alcohol and drug abuse, which leads to the necessity of professional treatment, can have devastating effects on families and the wealthiest. Drug treatment professionals often start by assessing the addict’s substance abuse. Check out these 8 signs to see if you or someone in your life needs a drug abuse assessment.

1.Isolation. As someone falls into an addiction, they often start to isolate themselves. Combining their desire for highs and the embarrassment they may experience from using substances can result in this.

2.Lack of Interest. Addicts who abuse drugs or alcohol may become less interested in past hobbies.

3.Often, drug and alcohol abusers find themselves facing serious financial issues. This happens because of the money they spent on drugs.

4.Working Problems: When someone abuses drugs and/or alcohol they tend to be late for work or start performing their basic job duties in a poor manner. This may lead to the addict losing his or her job and spiraling deeper into addiction.

5.Family problems. Many times, those who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol hurt the members of their family in an effort to get them. They may steal, lie, or cheat. This leads to family disputes that can sometimes be impossible to repair.

6.Inadequate Health. Alcohol and drug abuse has a detrimental impact on health. If not dealt with, it can lead to the death of an addict.

7.Regular Mood swings: As an addiction progresses addicts may experience mood shifts when they are not using drugs or drinking alcohol. Although they may appear to be happy under the influences of alcohol or drugs, deep anxiety and depression can occur when they don’t get high.

8.Legal trouble: Many drug and alcohol addicts end up in legal trouble because of their addiction. A drug or alcohol dependency can lead to crimes such as theft, DUIs (driving under the influence), assaults, murder and more.

The signs below are a sure sign that either you or someone you love has an alcohol or drug problem and needs to be assessed for substance abuse before receiving professional help.